Celebrity Baby Bumps of 2014

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2014 got off to a “bumpy” start, and it seems celebrities have certainly been busy. Of course by busy, we mean baby-making busy! Hollywood’s hottest women have been seen waddling their way around town, showing off baby bumps of all shapes and sizes.

For celebs like Kelly Clarkson and Olivia Wilde, the announcement of their 2014 pregnancy comes with the excitement of experiencing motherhood for the very first time. For other celebs, like Gwen Stefani and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, another pregnancy means another addition to their genetically blessed brood of boys.

With so many celebrities sporting baby bumps at the same time, it’s only fitting to start making bets…. right? Round up your friends and lay down your wagers on everything from which baby bump will be biggest, to who’s kid will have the craziest name.

Before you get to gambling, check out the gallery showing all of 2014’s celeb baby bumps up until now. Believe me when I say, there’s more where that came from!