Did Miley Cyrus Put a Fan's Dirty Thong In Her Mouth?

She's really trying to push the envelope, folks. Not content with simulating fellatio on stage and spreading her legs apart in a sequined marijuana onesie, Miley Cyrus took it a step further at her Tacoma, Washington show last night. The "Wrecking Ball" singer evidently put a fan's thong in her mouth after it was thrown on stage. Altogether now, EWWWWW.

Miley, whose Bangerz tour is in full swing, was snapped by a fan with said thong around her neck and here's the blurry "evidence" photo.

I don't know. It could just be around her neck, right? RIGHT? Let's hope. However, there was this tweet.

Sad face. That is all.




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  • Bobby Slobby
    Bobby Slobby

    They must not teach kids in Tennessee about STDs, which is where she's from.

  • Louis Green
    Louis Green

    This is one nasty little B88ch

  • johndavidstutts

    Afterwards, MIley reportedly said it didn't taste bad at all, It actually had kind of a nutty flavor to it.

  • jeffswartz

    Would the press get off the Miley train? That is all she is doing this stuff for. She's even said it herself. I don't care that she's doing this stuff, she is her own woman. She can do what ever she pleases. Enough with all this "she's corrupting our youth" crap. Kids have seen/done and will see/do much worse than what Miley is doing. Just get over it and move on.