Jennifer Aniston is Boycotting Japan

Jennifer Aniston refuses to promote her films in Japan to protest the country’s dolphin hunting practices, according to Radar Online.

The 45-year old Horrible Bosses star ensures she is “not contractually required to travel to Japan because of that country’s policies toward fishing and specifically the treatment of dolphins,” Radar’s source said.

After seeing the 2009 documentary The Cove, Aniston appeared in a PSA to bring attention to the dolphins’ plight in Japan, where the animals are routinely slaughtered as part of Japan’s whaling industry. The dolphins are sold as meat, even though they are high in mercury and other toxins and not recommended for consumption. The dolphins deemed “most attractive” are often sold to aquariums or water parks like SeaWorld.

The A-list star has “vowed not to go to Japan until the country’s policies change.”