Michael Lohan’s Latest Domestic Dispute Allegedly Involved a Knife and the Cops — Read the Police Report

Michael Lohan and Kate Major aren’t taking home any parent of the year awards anytime soon.

Case in point, another day, another domestic disturbance between Lindsay Lohan’s dad and his baby mama.

If anyone is familiar with the couple’s infamous history, this is certainly nothing new. Over the years their tumultuous union has been filled with restraining orders, battery, resisting arrest, and hospital visits.

So, like any healthy relationship, they decided to give LiLo a half-brother, 1-year-old Landon Major Lohan, on Jan. 30, 2013.

And because history has a tendency to repeat itself with these two, last Sunday cops in Boca Raton, Florida stopped by Major’s house after a domestic disturbance call.

When police arrived she was inside the bedroom and told authorities that Lohan accused her of being drunk and couldn’t care for their child, according to the report obtained by Celebuzz.

Police recall that Major basically said MiLo wouldn’t know the first thing about being a fit father (touché) so in retaliation he grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her. Actually, she claimed, his exact words were “I’m going to kill you, bitch.” So she fled to the bedroom where Lohan tried to kick in the door and when that didn’t work he allegedly went to the sliding glass door and a la Michael Myers made stabbing motions at her with the knife.

And because she couldn’t dial 911 from her broken cell phone, like any normal person would do she started tweeting her 38,000 followers for help.

Thing is, Lohan denied the knife-wielding, door-kicking or any physical argument whatsoever, telling police Major told him if she tried to take their son he’d be in “trouble” and he was only worried about her drinking and not be able to care for their son.

Interestingly enough, police didn’t find any evidence of an altercation or damage at the home, so given that and there were no witnesses or video, cops dropped the case.

And now Major feels bad about involving the whole Twittersphere into her drama.

“I should not have tweeted anything. This has all turned into a whirlwind. I’m sorry,” she tweeted Monday night, after deleting the alarming posts.

“I love Landon & nothing will ever change that or take that from me!!!!”

Read the detailed police report in the CB! gallery above.