NEW PICS: Adam Brody Shows Off His Married Man Bling

Adam Brody is sporting some new hardware and he’s showing it off for the very first time.

Everyone’s favorite fictional Orange County resident and New York socialite, Leighton Meester, tied the knot in secret, CB! has confirmed — and now the cat’s really out of the bag with Brody’s newest accessory.

For all you non-believers and devastated O.C. diehards, here’s your proof that the actor is officially taken. An eagle-eyed photog snapped the moppy-haired hottie taking a stroll out of an L.A. gym Tuesday sporting tons of sweat, shades, a smile, and a gold band on his wedding ring finger.

Of course, he’s happy! The newlyweds pulled off what most Hollywood lovebirds can only dream. It was three short months ago that we all found out the teen drama twosome were secretly betrothed, so they appropriately followed suit with a just-as-undercover wedding.

The 34-year-old and 27-year-old Mr. and Mrs. had only been dating 10 months before he got down on one knee.

But who can put a time limit on true love.

Take a look at Adam Brody’s wedding ring in full effect in the CB! gallery above.