All the Kewl Kids Are Digging Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour, Dawg!

That's a really cool mini backpack, Miley Cyrus! "Totes kewl *string of Emoji*," as the kids say! I'm hip, I get it. I, too, enjoy humping the hood of my car in a pot leaf leotard. The Bangerz Tour looks so phresh, like today's winning captions.

"Ima take a sh*t on this car!" - Princess

"Poopin on my daddys car just like I pooped all over his good name. long as I got money on my boots and swarovski on my suit...there shall be no shame." - Becky

"Look what i can do! (Stuart's voice from mad Tv)" - Mario

"I ain't got no junk in my trunk." - Sarah

"Will twerk for pants." - Tina

''Ma milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" - Christina

"My Precioussss!!! " - Sab

"They see me twerkin', they hatin'." - Zoe

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