People REALLY Hate the Bangerz Tour

Miley Cyrus Faces Backlash for Raunchy Bangerz Tour Stage Show

Miley Eats a Thong
Miley may or may not have just put a used thong in her mouth. Read More »

As she did when she twerked her way through the MTV VMAs, Miley Cyrus' new tour is under some heavy fire for its, um, "mature" content. From stuffing her face with a used thong to grinding against the Liberty Bell, Our Lady of Questionable Hemlines is making waves for her raunchy show, angering both parents and fans with her onstage antics.

According to Australia's NineMSN music blog, MusicFix, Cyrus' camp is facing severe backlash after the Bangerz Tour kick started in Vancouver, Canada last week with some folks putting pressure on her record label to cancel the whole thing.

“Miley’s management have been flooded with complaints, mainly from parents, since her tour began last week in Canada with calls for the entire tour to be axed," a source tells the entertainment site.

“Her team, including management, record label execs and the entire tour staff including the director, costume department and choreographers -- have been called for an emergency meeting as arenas across the U.S. threaten to pull out of the show.”

In fact, many people have responded by selling tickets to future shows on eBay and Stubhub, while one parent has contacted Interscope to say that they walked out of the concert because they refused to subject their nine-year-old to a "porn show." For now, Cyrus' Bangerz Tour has no rating and open to all children should they have a parent or guardian present.

The source adds, “The problem is Miley loves to shock so she decided to take it to the extreme for her Bangerz tour but this time she may have taken it too far."

Really? Was no one tipped off by the tour's topless promotional posters?



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  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood

    This story was debunked as a hoax of that Australian website weeks ago.

  • Shelby Thompson
    Shelby Thompson

    Funny how people say its cause were allvfatvin the us and hate that niley isbshowing skin....well ur WRONG if my daughter liked miley id like to be warned about thr tour especially with her ass hangin out and She was grabbing herself and putting a used thong in her mouth thats just sick..i could care less if shes in a bikini doing her show but the other stuff comon

  • Louis Green
    Louis Green

    This is one nasty little B88ch

  • Sean Twellman
    Sean Twellman

    Also funny how the fattest nation in the world has such a big problem with someone showing some skin. They don't care nearly as much elsewhere. Funny how all these jealous woman whine about Miley showing skin as she's an easy target. Where's your uproar at the latest SI Swimsuit issue which just hit stands? Sure, go ahead and complain Miley is a slut needing attention and no one wants to see her showing skin. Fact is, some do, sex sells and it's generally the overweight people with a poor lifestyle who always have the issue. Here, you complain about no one wanting to see Miley's skin and how she should put it away and I'll complain about not wanting to see all these fat people every time I leave my house. Don't think much of my complaint, as in who cares? Cool, I doubt Miley cares what a bunch of overwieght, bad parents think about her butt cheeks. You're not her target audience, just as a nude actress on Spartacus doesn't care if you complain about her butt cheeks or not.

  • Sean Twellman
    Sean Twellman

    What's next, parents bringing their kids to Snoop Dogg concert and complaining it smells like a skunk? Too many parents look for excuses for poor parenting. It takes 5 seconds to google Miley Cyrus and see what she's about now. Also find it funny there's plenty more nudity on HBO/Showtime shows as well as in movies yet there's no uproar there. Why? Parents probably actually do a little research ahead of time. Drop $200 a ticket on something you've done no research on, I don't feel bad for you you parental bums.

  • Sean Twellman
    Sean Twellman

    Maybe parents should do a better job of realizing what she is now. There's no uproar over Rihanna or Lady Gaga when they wear thongs. Problem is parents have decided Miley should remain similar to the Hannah Montana image from years ago. Parents have an image made up in their minds. But singers from Rihanna to Gaga to Beyonce to Madonna to Aguilera have shown just as much skin yet barely an uproar at all. Funny how American is in an uproar over a 21 year old's buttcheeks yet silent about the violence on tv or the constant bombing of other countries, as if a buttcheek does anywhere near the level of harm this violent nation does.

  • Sean Twellman
    Sean Twellman

    Maybe parents should do a better job of realizing what she is now. There's no uproar over Rihanna or Lady Gaga when they wear thongs. Problem is parents have decided Miley should remain similar to the Hannah Montana image from years ago. Parents have an image made up in their minds.

  • LeAndra LeLe Breanne Pearson
    LeAndra LeLe Breanne Pearson

    sorry for the poor spelling guys I was rushing and my phone was because being slow

  • LeAndra LeLe Breanne Pearson
    LeAndra LeLe Breanne Pearson

    cancel her tour ahe cant si mg and she looks stupid its not even a performance.but a porn show live!!!

  • Bruce Bohen
    Bruce Bohen

    Somebody needs to pull her pants down right on stage and whip her ass with a belt. Many lady's put on a sexy show without turning it into trash. If she wants to hump and grind so much, she should become a porn star, shes already well on the way.

  • Loretta Fengel
    Loretta Fengel

    She is such a hypocrite.

  • Courtney Elaine Flores
    Courtney Elaine Flores

    She didn't eat someones thong. I was at her concert, front row when someone said that she supposedly ate it, but she didn't. Everything else? Yeah she so did. But she DID NOT eat someones thong.

  • yayanose411

    Who would take kids to c her, she killed hannah a long time ago... But still sounds like a porn show, very gross.... Id demand a refund asap, unless i wantin a porn show.

  • Melanie Amber
    Melanie Amber

    Shame on the parent for taking a 9 year old wth no babysitter that night duh! It's not like she hasn't given signs of what to expect! This is her tour she can do what she wants! You go Miley do your thang bc your true fans are here for ya! If you think she can't sing Amy obviously you havent heard her sing dollys song Jolene! Miley may not be somethings but one thing you can't take from her the girl can sing!

  • Brenda Miller
    Brenda Miller

    Look at her she is out of her mind she is smoking Crack or something just take a good long look at her. Her Head is all screwed up. And people have to realize these little kids that were Fams are still young and want to go see her they don't understand. And alot of parents are parents don't want to leave their Children at ho,me with a damn Nanny. Its a parents job to watch their children no one elses.

  • Amy Beth
    Amy Beth

    the miley camp think's that if they put 20 people on stage with her doing 20 diff thing's at once no one will notice that ONE :she can't sing

  • Emmy Guckert
    Emmy Guckert

    Antics = Madonna Outfit = Christina Aguilera Something original = Priceless

  • Cassandra Edins
    Cassandra Edins

    U know of one other woman I can think of that did rauchy but great shows, movies, and all kinds of things that everyone fed into and s still love her to this day, MADONNA!!!! So Miley keep doing ur thing they just bitch and complain cause they thought she was gonna stay innocent forever, I love u Miley I think the easy ur working it is awesome, Madonna to this day rocks, so baby u still to

  • corianne

    Well the parents are to blame. Not miley... It was obvious her tour was going to be like this from the get go. She isn't Hannah Montana anymore so don't take your kid to her concert. Plain & Simple. Would you take your 9 year old to any rapper's concert? Duh.

  • Daniela Steiger
    Daniela Steiger

    i don't understand the parents. they already knew how bad miley has changed at the time they bought the tickets. did they really think, that she will be better at her tour? (and sorry for my english)