Security Video May Reveal Chris Brown’s Entourage Beat Up Basketball Player

Even as he’s trying to get help in rehab to curb his anger management issues, Chris Brown’s violent past is coming back to haunt him.

The hot tempered pop star is facing a lawsuit from a fellow basketball enthusiast who claims Brown and his cronies beat him up all over a foul call during a pick-up game at a Los Angeles 24-Hour Fitness.

But video of the alleged incident could be the game-changer.

Alleged victim Malcolm Ausbon’s attorney Stephen Wegman says his client filed a police report almost immediately after the alleged beatdown, and “can’t wait” until the video is released that could prove it all.

“I’m aware that 24-Hour Fitness has security video in the facility and definitely on the basketball court,” Wegman told Celebuzz.

“There was a letter sent to them not to delete the video,” he continued, adding that the fitness center would not release any video without a subpoena, which Wegman is working on.

Brown shoots hoops in NYC in 2011. Photo: Splash

Over the weekend it was reported that Brown is simply the victim of an extortion plan by Ausbon and his attorney for $250K. However, this is news to Wegman, who acknowledges to CB! that Ausbon’s previous attorney did send correspondence to Brown’s legal team that “may have not been kosher.”

“[Brown’s attorney] Mr. [Mark] Geragos failed to mention that was his attorney at the time, not me,” explained Wegman.

“I never told my client to go to the police if Mr. Brown didn’t give him money.”

However, Wegman did send a demand letter to Brown’s attorney that Ausbon would like to be compensated for his injuries prior to the lawsuit being filed, he said. But after weeks of trying to work with the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer’s lawyers, Ausbon’s legal team made their complaint official in court.

“We waited as long we could to accommodate them. We’ve been nothing but fair,” he added.

“We have zero interest in Chris Brown going to jail. We’d be happy with him completing his rehab and becoming a normal member of society.

“Chris Brown beating people up every day isn’t productive. This isn’t about jail. This is about Brown’s group of goons who beat up my client because they think he’s above the law.”

Rihanna and Brown took in a Lakers game courtside when they rekindled their romance in Dec. 2012. Photo: Splash

Wegman claims after his client filed the report with local cops, authorities failed to help.

“He filed a report like any normal person would do and police never followed up with him. And here we are,” he added.

“My client was on the ground defending himself from a barrage of punches and kicks.

“I could care less if he (Brown) goes to jail. He needs to learn that he can’t beat people up for calling a foul.”

Wegman says Ausbon has id’d the alleged culprit in Brown’s camp.

All this began after Breezy threatened to “kick his a**” after Ausbon called a foul on the R&B star during a pick-up game. Chris decided to get gangster and allegedly said he was a Bloods member, while he and his homies started to “strike, punch, kick, pull and stomp Ausbon’s head and body,” according to the lawsuit.

Ausbon apparently went to the ER with injuries to his face, head, neck, back, legs and ribs. But those are just the physical scars. Ausbon claims the incident caused him to experience “embarrassment, fear, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Brown’s crew got into a brawl to defend the superstar. He was sued by Frank Ocean’s cousin after a recording studio confrontation with the rapper’s peeps apparently left him with a concussion and Brown and his bodyguard were arrested for allegedly throwing punches at a fan in Washington, D.C.

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