Justin Bieber’s Hooters Gal Pal Is Still Married

Justin Bieber clearly has a type — big (fake) boobies, brunette, exotic, bikini model or Hooters girl preferred, and a Selena Gomez look-a-like is a plus.

But he’s totally flexible when it comes to relationship status.

Old habits die hard for the teen idol, who’s once again seeing Hooters hottie Jordan Ozuna, who Celebuzz exclusively told you last year is a married woman.

Well, even after all this time shagging/not shagging the Canadian crooner, she’s still got a ring on it, a source tells CB!

“They are legally still married,” said the source. “But they haven’t lived together in three years.”

Our source wants us to know the 22-year-old Las Vegas cocktail waitress is not a two-timing cheater.

“She’s not cheating on her husband or a homewrecker. They don’t live together and are working things out with a divorce.”

And like Biebs, even Ozuna has her type. She loves those bad boys.

Her estranged husband has a criminal rap sheet, CB! has learned, and went to rehab, the source added.

“There are many reasons why she left. She a good girl, works hard and pays her bills.”

That is, when she’s not taking photos between the sheets in Bieber’s bedroom…

Photo: Instagram

Or being goofy in the game room at Dallas Austin’s Atlanta pad, where Biebs has been staying NOT renting, according to the uber-music producer, who owns the space age crib: “Ok people have to realize I’ve known @justinbieber way before he ever made it!! and that house has always been his Atlanta home!” he tweeted.

“Oh yeah it’s not my old Atlanta spaceship home I still live there!! @justinbieber is a house guest relax!!”

Photo: Instagram

Lucky for Biebs, this gal pal won’t spill the beans like all the others (just give her time), but the romance rumors and headlines are part of the fame-hungry game: “It doesn’t really bother me,” Ozuna told CB!

Duh, of course, she loves it.

Check out more of Ozuna in the CB! gallery above.