Leonardo DiCaprio Pokes Fun at His Many Oscar Snubs

Another DiCaprio Nod
Leo just doubled his chances at winning an Oscar.
Oh don’t worry you worry, Leonardo DiCaprio is well aware that he’s still not an Oscar winner yet.

In a new profile published by the Associated Press, the Wolf of Wall Street star — who has now been up for five Academy Awards without a single win — pokes fun at his many, many snubs.

While attending the Academy Awards’ annual luncheon for nominees, the actor even gives us a glimpse into his sense of humor at the whole situation, stopping to show a journalist his unlucky streak. The article reads:

Here, I’ll show you the card they gave me today” (at the luncheon), he says, rummaging through his pockets after setting aside the electronic cigarette he says he puffs to “relieve the stress of life.” He retrieves a small white card he calls “that little football chalk-up” listing his film stats. Leaning in, he points to the portion that reads: five nominations, zero wins. With a heavy chuckle he looks up and says, “Zip!”

While many would consider the reminder as salt on the wounds, DiCaprio simply shrugs it off, casually attributing his losses as just sheer coincidence.

“It’s quite interesting. People think I feel I’m overdue for something,” he says. “Anyone wants to be accepted by their peers, but the truth is every year is unique and everyone is just going to vote for who they think is worthy.”

This year, DiCaprio is up against Christian Bale, Bruce Dern, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Matthew McConaughey. And even if he does walk home empty-handed this March, the actor still has a backup plan to get his golden statuette.

“You make these movies, you work as hard as you possibly can, you put your life on hold and you hope for the best,” he says.

“I’ve had the same mentality ever since I got my first movie,” he continues. “I got my foot in this door and I am going to continue to jam it in there.”