The New Cast of the ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Revealed!

Fox has found its cast for The Fantastic Four, the reboot of the franchise in film that is planned to kick off June 19, 2015.

All four cast members: Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm, and Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch, were previously rumored for the roles, and had reportedly screen tested in January. Apparently despite director Josh Trank’s vehement denial of all rumors on Twitter, not all of them were far off.

The only cast members who have fully closed their deals, however, are Mara and Jordan – Jordan has been attached to the film for months. Teller is reportedly in final talks, and Bell has only just received the offer, but is expected to sign on.

However, right now one of the big holdouts is Miles Teller. The actor already has a deal in place to reprise his role as Peter in Divergent for the developing sequel Insurgent, which is planned to start production in Louisiana at the same time Fantastic Four would need to be shooting. Apparently his scheduling is trying to be sorted out with Summit Entertainment, but if it doesn’t work, they might have to switch him out.

The story of the film will reportedly be more based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book than the series that launched in 1961. In the newer book, the team forms at a much younger age, with a teleportation experiment being the impetus of their powers, rather than a botched space shuttle flight. Sue Storm is also a super-genius in the 2004-debuting comic series, on par with Reed.

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