A Day In The Life of Ross Mathews

Kelly Lynch | February 21, 2014 - 11:00 am

All About Ross
Celebuzz talks to Mathews about his new show.
Ahead of his show’s return this evening, we asked Ross Mathews to share how he would spend a Sunday.  The fact that he wakes up at 6:45am already makes us feel like complete dead-asses.

6:45am – Woke up.

6:53am – Fell asleep.

7:15 am – Woke up for real.

7:16am – Hopped in the car and ran to Starbucks.

8am – Watch Meet The Press.

9am – Went to the store to buy fixins’ for a crockpot stew my mom makes. She uses hamburger meat. I opted for ground turkey.

9:30-10am – Crock pot hero

11am-3pm – Catching up on my DVR (Girls, Looking, Chopped) and tried not to open up the crockpot to see how the stew was cooking.

4-5pm – Went to the gym. I’m trying.

6pm – A walk with my doggies.

7pm – STEW!!!

8pm – Three hour My 600lb Life marathon.

11pm – Bed.

Hello Ross returns tonight at 10pm on E!