A Day In The Life of Ross Mathews

All About Ross
Celebuzz talks to Mathews about his new show.
Ahead of his show’s return this evening, we asked Ross Mathews to share how he would spend a Sunday.  The fact that he wakes up at 6:45am already makes us feel like complete dead-asses.

6:45am – Woke up.

6:53am – Fell asleep.

7:15 am – Woke up for real.

7:16am – Hopped in the car and ran to Starbucks.

8am – Watch Meet The Press.

9am – Went to the store to buy fixins’ for a crockpot stew my mom makes. She uses hamburger meat. I opted for ground turkey.

9:30-10am – Crock pot hero

11am-3pm – Catching up on my DVR (Girls, Looking, Chopped) and tried not to open up the crockpot to see how the stew was cooking.

4-5pm – Went to the gym. I’m trying.

6pm – A walk with my doggies.

7pm – STEW!!!

8pm – Three hour My 600lb Life marathon.

11pm – Bed.

Hello Ross returns tonight at 10pm on E!