‘Anchorman 2′ Is Being Re-Released with 763 New Jokes

With its improvisational style, countless hours of footage didn’t make it into the final cut of Anchorman 2. But now, many of those jokes are going to see the light of day — 763 of them, to be exact — thanks to a new, R-rated re-release.

For one week only, Anchorman 2 will be back in theaters, with all new jokes. The new cut will be about 20 minutes longer than the original and it will include a musical number.

Speaking with the New York Times, director Adam McKay said that 95% of the jokes are new:

“We started talking and realized, we can replace every single joke in the movie with another joke,” said Adam McKay, who directed “Anchorman 2” and wrote the film with its star, Will Ferrell.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Super-Sized will be in theaters for one week only, starting Feb. 28.