‘From Justin to Kelly’ Was Actually Real

My 13-year-old self is currently squealing with excitement.

After playing coy for many years, Justin Guarini finally confirmed he was romantically involved with American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.  According to Mccall.com, Guarini shared the news during the debut of his one-man show “Lovesick” last Friday.

The love affair began on the set of From Justin to Kelly, the 2003 rom-com the Idol winner and runner-up starred in together after their big season.  Sadly, the fling quickly ended when Clarkson’s career took off, and Guarini was left in the dust… Forever and always a runner-up.  He expressed his heartbreak over the split by dedicating a melancholy performance of “Get Here” (you know, that song he was once famous for singing during his days on American Idol) to the “Since U Been Gone” singer.

Guarini made sure the audience also knew that Kelly wasn’t the only Idol star to run her fingers through his infamous golden afro.  The singer was also involved with fourth-place finisher Tamyra Gray.

Anyway, we can put all this American Idol hanky panky in the past, as Guarini has a wife of four years with two (probably very cute) children, and we could never forget newly-married Clarkson is expecting her first little one with husband, Brandon Blackstock, and just got a new puppy, too!