Justin Bieber Didn’t Really Like the Whole “Loser Keeps Bieber” Olympics Joke

Bieber Plays Hockey
Justin Bieber indulges in Canada's favorite pastime.
Though Justin Bieber was thrilled that Canada’s mens ice hockey team had beaten U.S.A. at the Sochi Olympics this Friday, he wasn’t too happy with the running joke that the losing side would have to be the one to put up with him (and his antics).

Taking to Twitter, the troubled singer, who hails from the Great White North, hit back at those who’ve been laughing at his expense after the big rivalry match.

I guess I’m an easy target for some. I’m still human. I will continue to meet hate with love,” he writes. “It’s all about the music. Much love.”

The little jab first started when a photo of a billboard advertising the hockey game started circulating online, in which the words “loser keeps Bieber” is seen scrawled under photos of a Team Canada and Team U.S.A. in a face-off.

Keeping positive, the “All That Matters” crooner left a good note fans who’ve stuck up for him, tweeting, “Thanks to all those beliebers out there inspiring me everyday.”