Khloe and Lamar Are Still Talking and Being Supportive of Each Other, Says Source

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom really are unbreakable.

Despite filing for divorce two months ago, the former couple isn’t quite as on the outs as you may think.

In fact, they are communicating and Kardashian has very much been a supportive ear for her estranged husband, CB! has learned.

“Khloe’s sad and heartbroken. But the family tells her to talk to him and to try to help him,” a source told Celebuzz.

“They talk on the phone, they text, they help each other. She’s trying to help him.”

In the months after reports surfaced last year that the basketball player was being unfaithful and battling a drug addiction, Khloe filed divorce docs in Los Angeles Dec. 13 after four years of marriage.

As Odom has watched his marriage break down over the months, his career has also suffered, having not been signed to an NBA contract since leaving the L.A. Clippers to become a free agent in July 2013.

“He calls her and she listens,” added the source. “They’re talking as friends. She’s always there to help everyone. She’s very strong and like a caretaker to everyone.”

Even though Kardashian has been spending more and more time with rapper, The Game, our source adds a reconciliation between her and Odom could happen.

“Maybe they’ll get back together.

“Something wonderful might come out of it.”

And the 34-year-old NBA star is holding out hope for the same outcome, having told Us Weekly the 29-year-old reality star will “always” be his wife.

“I love my wife. She’ll always be my wife, no matter what,” Odom said after a press conference in Spain he’ll be playing b-ball for Spanish basketball club Laboral Kutxa.

“Who knows? We don’t know exactly if [the divorce is going through],” he added still sporting his wedding ring a day earlier at LAX. “Only time will tell. I hope not. But even if we were divorced, she would always be my wife.

“Those were some of the best years of my life. Being married and being married to a woman I decided to marry was, besides having children, the most important thing in my life.”

Odom also alluded to his struggles with substance abuse and infidelity, adding that the negative media attention has taken away from his positive career accomplishments: “I won a sixth Man of the Year award while I shot [our reality] show — people forget that,” he said. “I think it’s easy for people to say, ‘Because you do this, you must be this kind of person, vain or uptight or mean to people.’ People have a sense of who you may be because of the job you do. That’s unfair judgment.

“I think we prejudge a little bit too much these days because there’s so much access to everything about the world. It’s easy for us to look at a YouTube video or a program that doesn’t turn off and say, ‘This guy must be this way.’ I understand how powerful TV is, but there’s nothing I would do different.”