The World Will End Tomorrow, According to the Vikings

The very attractive vikings of yore predicted the end of the world after “three freezing winters, where there have been no summers in between.”

USA Today explored this prediction, navigating through the somewhat subjective claim that the past two summers have been cold and wet.

The Jorvik Viking Center in York, England believes that “Ragnarok” (the Twilight of the Gods) is almost here.  In fact, the last day of their annual Viking Festival falls on Saturday.

Danielle Daglan, the festival’s director, insists we take this seriously.

This really is an event that should not be underestimated,” Daglan said.  “In the last couple of years, we’ve had predictions of the Mayan apocalypse, which passed without incident, and numerous other dates where the end of the world has been pencilled in by seers, fortune tellers and visionaries.”

Daglan claims to have heard the god Heimdallr blow the Gjallerhorn last year, a horn that predicts the “coming of the end of the world.”

Heimdallr has his plate full, since he also guards the Bifrost, a “rainbow bridge” connecting our world with that of the gods.

“The sound of the horn is possibly the best indicator yet that the Viking version of the end of the world really will happen on 22 February,” Daglan said.

Here’s what’s going to happen on Saturday:

1) There will be fighting, which I’m not sure humans will watch or take part in.  According to Norse mythology, the gods will battle one another.  So it’s time to pick who’s side you’re on: Thor’s, Odin (the Allfather of the gods.  I guess like Zeus?), Freja (goddess of love, and staff writer Robert Kessler’s pick), or Loki.

2) After the battle ends, the world will sink beneath the waves and we’re all going to die.

3) Well, not all of us.  Two will survive – Liv and Livstrasir (life and lust) because they’re needed for repopulation.

Ok bye.

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