“I Really Feel Like the Luckiest Girl on the Planet”: Read Chrissy Teigen’s Heartfelt Note After Landing ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Edition

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Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge and Nina Agdal on SI's Swimsuit Edition.
Is 2014 the year of Chrissy Teigen? Well it certainly seems so. She’s got John Legend — and who wouldn’t be jealous of that — and she’s just landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. But don’t think she’s taking it all for granted. Chrissy took to Instagram to write out some of her thoughts.

There are just not enough words to explain the emotions I’ve felt for the past week. From the second I learned about the cover, to right now at this very moment, my heart has felt heavy with love and pride and joy and excitement and disbelief. I know it sounds silly, and I’m sure many don’t care or get it, but I never in my life could have imagined something this great could happen to me (aside from john). I really feel like the luckiest girl on the planet and always found it an honor (AND SURREAL) to just be in the magazine, as a girl who was just shooting catalogs and random stock photos a few years ago. I really believe anything is possible now and it’s just a great feeling. Thank you to the iconic sports illustrated, (hi MJ, Darcie, Janine, Chris Hercik, Chris stone) and congrats to every single woman in this issue. Be so fucking proud of yourselves. And I officially am that asshole with the longest Instagram caption ever.

The note accompanied a photo of the SI cover, on which she appears with Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge.

Beautiful and modest: what isn’t there to love about Chrissy Teigen?