Everyone Should Move to New York, ‘Cuz Sometimes Lady Gaga Does This on Our Streets

The thing about living in New York City is that you just never know what’s going to happen when you walk down the street. Will you step in dog poo? Trip over garbage? Fall into one of those terrifying open cellar doors? Run into Lady Gaga dressed up like some kind of horse ghost bride? You just never know. That’s the fun of living in New York. The fun and the horror. Today’s winning captions are just fun, not horrific. Promise.

“Butt Romance” – Pi

“Can’t tell if that’s her poker face or her fart face lol” – Jissel

“Bend and snap” - Rachel

“Do what you want with my booty” – Favour

“Drop it like a Squat!” – Donna

“Look everybody I fart glitter!” – Elaina

“This is what doing squats will make ur ass look like! Take note. Twerkin will NEVER give you a beautiful bottom like this!” – Allie

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