Justin Bieber Says He Can’t Be ‘Broken’ in His First Post-Arrest Song

JB's Troubled Timeline
Justin Bieber's most controversial moments.
Justin Bieber is responding to his haters in the best way he knows how: spitting on them singing about them.

Following a tumultuous month of hot-boxing planes and allegedly hooking up with a married woman, the troubled singer has released his first track — titled “Broken” — since his infamous DUI arrest earlier this year. The song, which dropped over the weekend in a DJ Tay James mixtape called We Know The DJ Radio 4, features Biebs crooning about how he “cannot be broken.”

“I guess they want a reaction / I ain’t gonna give it to ‘em,” he sings in the slow-jam. “They can’t take what’s mine / Someone like me is hard to find.”

Really? Because I’m pretty sure we’ve already found someone like you since the 90s.

Take a listen to Bizzle’s new track, below.