R.I.P. Milk Mustaches

Celebrity PETA Ads
Stars go naked for PETA.
The milk glass hath run dry.

The Milk Processor Education Program announced Monday that it’s retiring its iconic “Got Milk?” slogan and ad campaign after 20 years. The adverts — which have featured slew of celebrities including Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift — have been running since 1994 when model Naomi Campbell posed with milk mustache, asking the famous question.

The reason why we used celebrities at the time was to help improve milk’s image,” said Sal Taibi, president of Lowe Campbell Ewald, the ad agency behind the famous campaign. “The idea was to convey the message that everybody drinks milk, even successful cool people.”

Now, new ads bearing ordinary people doing activities amongst a wave of milk will be the the sole focus. Though the California Milk Processor will continue using its old tagline, “Milk Life” will act as the new slogan for the majority of the ads.

“All the ads will use special effects to show the energy you get from milk,” said Taibi. “It could be through wings, a parachute or even propellers.”

Sure, but there’s still nothing like opening up an issue of YM and seeing your favorite pop star with a mustache.

Launch the gallery above to relive some of our favorite “Got Milk” moments.