Watch Kim Kardashian Get Laser Treatment on Her Boobs

Kim's Beauty Secret
Kim Kardashian splashes out $21,600 on facials!
As if Kim Kardashian’s infamous blood facial wasn’t TMI enough, the reality star brought her televised beauty treatments to another level Sunday night.

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, North West’s mom allowed viewers a peek into her latest doctor’s visit, where she received laser treatment on her breasts, legs, and even toe to remove unwanted stretch marks.

“Things you do for beauty,” Kardashian quipped as she laid topless on a dressing table while pal Jonathan Cheban, tasked with holding a hose that blew air onto the reality star, assisted the cosmetic dermatologist in the procedure.

During the visit, the 33-year-old also contemplated about having something done to “tighten” and elongate her hands because she thinks they look “really wrinkly.” (Because you’ve got to show off that massive engagement ring somehow, right?)

In the past, Kardashian, who recently denied getting butt implants despite her affinity for beauty treatments, had also undergone acupuncture and Botox injections for the cameras.