Does Anybody Need Anything? We’re Sending Jessica Alba on a Coffee Run.

Remember “Why can’t I hold all of these limes?” So 2010! In 2014, it’s all about “Why can’t Jessica Alba hold all of these beverages?” We’ve really evolved as a society, let me tell you. For further proof of this, you should check out today’s hilarious winning captions.

“Even if i wanted to, i could not hang up on you” – Susanne

“Hello, yes send me all the scripts you have. I need a movie to make me somewhat big again! I’m carrying my own sh*t!” – Odaly

“I should have put these waters in my purse.” – Bree

“Started from the bottom.. and I’m still here!” - Valerie

“My assistant is so f*cking fired. Flu my ass.” – Ashley

“ok, bye. F*ck! Now, how am I gonna put my phone back in my bag?” – Din-din

“”Yeah Stacey, I don’t know why the nanny didn’t pick the kids up today. Like, who does she think she is making me do all of this for them? My mani is going to mess up!” – De’Anna

“Bare with me, Im trying to hold 4 smoothies and two waterbottles and tryin to look like I got this..So Robin thicke and his wife split say what?” – Drea

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