EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Simon Cowell’s Pampered Pooches Get Massages and Hot Oil Treatments Before Bringing Home Baby

Prior to having a son, there were only two babies in Simon Cowell’s life.

His adorable Yorkies, Squiddly and Diddly.

So when the new papa brought home his mini-me last week, he wanted to make sure his fur babies knew they weren’t being left out.

And that meant a day at the doggy spa for some pampering and baby training, NYC dog trainer Edward Alava told Celebuzz.

Alava, who owns The Dog Store in Manhattan on the Upper East Side, took care of the curmudgeon judge’s pooches for two days while Simon’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman was at Lenox Hill Hospital giving birth to their first child, Eric, on Valentine’s Day.

“I pampered them — we went to the park and to my salon,” Alava told CB!

Squiddly and Diddly “love” New York,” Simon wrote on Twitter. Now we know why!

“It’s such an exciting moment in their life. Simon wanted to make sure they were getting a lot of extra attention.”

So for at least $175 a pup… we mean, pop… per day they were groomed, massaged, manicured coiffed, and even got hot oil treatments — literally. That’s what a dog’s life is like in the Cowell household.

And the 54-year-old wanted to make sure his pets don’t feel excluded when bringing home baby.

“He was concerned about how he would introduce them to Eric,” Edward said.

Photo: Instagram

“So we went on a walk and I told him to bring a baby blanket or a baby toy somewhere where the puppies sleep or in bed or somewhere we’re they’ll be a scent of the baby. So when he comes home, they’ll already know him.

“I told him you want them to be as excited as you are. Simon just listened and was appreciative of the advice.”

And now they’re one big happy family.

Simon gives Lauren a smooch alongside their pooches and little Eric in Miami Feb. 24. Photo: Splash

Simon is a natural while taking Eric on his first day at the beach in Miami on Monday. Photo: Splash