Justin Bieber Has a Strange Conversation With a Panda Bear

Justin Bieber’s taking his potential move to Atlanta seriously.

And that means hitting up the local hotspots and tourist attractions because, of course, he’ll go unnoticed.

Biebs is just acting like a regular 19-year-old. You know, having conversations with panda bears at the zoo and making fans uncomfortable reeking of eau de weed.

It’s just another day in the life of Biebs.

Taylor Panter, who hails from ATL, told CB! her mom took her 10 and 11-year-old siblings to Zoo Atlanta on Monday when animal-loving patrons noticed the pop star and his entourage of 10 sneak in to the exhibit to see the cuddly creatures.

“He came into the panda exhibit a little before closing and was acting very strangely my mom said,” Panter said. “He walked in and
was talking to the panda like the panda was going to respond to him. He said stuff like, ‘I know you’ve listened to my music’ and ‘Wake up, panda I know you wanna take a picture with me.’ And continually having odd conversations with the panda.”

We know from Instagram experience the YouTube sensation doesn’t lack in the self confidence department.

“What more can they say,” Bieber wrote on Instagram comparing himself to the King of Pop after the teen idol’s DUI arrest in January. Photo: Instagram

But bratty Biebs apparently didn’t stop there.

“He also was kicking the glass obnoxiously and one of the guys in his entourage told him to chill out,” she added. “And the people who worked there were annoyed with him and rolling their eyes at him when he was being obnoxious and kicking the glass.”

The “Baby” singer documented his field trip on Instagram

“No more monkey business,” he wrote. Photo: Instagram

Photo: Twitter

And told people not to take photos. Sorry, JB, that didn’t work. We got some!

Photo: Taylor Panter

Photo: Taylor Panter

Photo: Taylor Panter

Hillary Sklar was there on a school trip and when her friends found out the teen idol was somewhere on the premises they scoped him out and she had a memorable encounter… but not in a good way.

Hillary Sklar and the Biebs. Photo: Twitter

“He smelled like straight up pot and it was kind of uncomfortable. He started singing, or attempting to, when he saw us and I didn’t recognize him when I saw him,” she told CB! “He held out his arms and sang ‘it’s me again.'”

Bieber strikes a pose with a fan. Photo: Twitter

Bieber keeps it cool in shades. Photo: Twitter

“It was a very over powering smell. It was uncomfortable in the sense where none of us were his fans and we just went to say we did,” she added.

Well, Biebs hasn’t kept his penchant for pot a secret — from hotboxing inside private jets to admitting to cops during his DUI arrest he had smoked all night in the studio.

And that could explain the panda whispering, sunglasses indoors and singing.

A zoo spokesperson said the superstar and his homies didn’t ask for any special treatment and there were no disruptions.

The day before, the Canadian crooner continued his tour of Atlanta at Andretti Indoor Carting and Games, where he and his crew raced cars, climbed rope and went rock climbing.

Employee Scott Flood told Celebuzz as the crowd grew they put Bieber and his entourage of 10 in a VIP area where they dined on chicken tenders, wings, quesadillas and steak. And this time, he made a better impression.

Bieber goes go-carting Sunday. Photo: Twitter

“They ordered all this food and already paid, but something came up and they had to go,” Flood said. “He called us back and said they were sorry they had to leave, but to give all the food to the staff and those who were helping them.”

See, Bieber can be a do-gooder.