‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Debuts, Amy Poehler Is Awesome First Guest

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Late Night With Seth Meyers premiered last night and former SNL co-star Amy Poehler was the first guest as Seth took over Jimmy Fallon’s old job.

With the already bonafide hit The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as Seth’s lead in, the Late Show is sure to get an audience boost, but based on last night’s debut Seth will be keeping viewers all on his own.

Poehler, who used to do Weekend Update with Seth on Saturday Night Live, was hilarious as usual. The Golden Globe winning Parks and Recreations star joked about celebrity parties, famous babies, and even asked George Clooney to taker her off his notorious pranking list.

She also recounted a strange encounter with Joaquin Phoenix and later in the episode, almost sat on Vice President Joe Biden’s lap. Watch the video above.


Seth opened the show with his very own thank you note to Jimmy Fallon.