Robin Thicke Made One Last Effort to Save Marriage to Paula Patton

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I think it is safe to say that no one was really shocked when news broke of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton splitting. That said, I think most of us were bummed because they seemed like an amazing couple.

The couple is seen here on January 3, 2013 as Robin escorts Paula to a limo as she leaves town in Los Angeles, CA.

TMZ is reporting that this past Friday (February 21, 2014), Paula Patton told Robin Friday she wanted to end the marriage. Robin then abruptly cancelled his show, saying he had throat problems. But the cancellation was solely so he could sit with his wife and try to change her mind.

The couple had a long heart to heart talk and they ultimately agreed that it was time to end the marriage. Both Robin and Paula were very upset by the mutual decision.

So how much money is at stake in the couple's split? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robin, is worth $15 million, while his actress wife, who starred in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Precious, is worth $3 million.

We just hope that the couple remains calm and collected during the divorce proceedings.



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  • tjchurch

    You'd think a guy whose real father was the dad on "Growing Pains" would know better family values!!!

  • Raya Sunshine
    Raya Sunshine

    He is a fuckn loser..Over some random chick gona lose your family and your life..Really

  • Brenda Miller
    Brenda Miller

    Take the fucker for all he got if any children involved.

  • Amy Davis
    Amy Davis

    That doesn't look like him up there in that pic w/her, yikes!! But I think she made a good call. He seemed to be getting out of control!!