Shaun White is Single and Really Hot

Wait… When did Shaun White get super hot?

He used to remind me way too much of Carrot Top, but last night I got the chance to stop and chat with him at Oakley’s Disruptive by Design event, and I must say: He’s SMOKIN’.

So what helped him decide to make the change? He told CELEBUZZ he was just ready. “People told me I couldn’t do it,” he added. “But I needed a change up… I’m happy with the new look.”

My biggest concern, of course, was how he could ever get rid of his infamous, red locks! But it was all for a good cause.  “One of my friends had donated his hair,” he told us, which inspired him to donate his, too.

As far as his new, super clean style, Shaun explained there’s no particular celebrity style influences. However, he did say living in New York had a big impact.  Whatever the cause, it’s a good look, and I’m glad he’s sticking to it.

Speaking of those good looks, I couldn’t help but wonder how his love life was doing.  Though he told us with hesitation he’s single and “wingin’ it,” he did say there are definitely some prospects out there.

We tried to figure out who those prospects could be by gaining insight into the type of women he typically dates. “I don’t really have a type,” he said. “I like girls who are outgoing and have their own thing.” Hmm…

Well, single or not, he definitely had his hands full with tons of talented ladies last night. Ashley Greene, Kelly Osbourne and snowboard Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson were also in attendance, along with Adrian Grenier, Brian Geraghty and Nick Cannon.

Launch the gallery above to see photos from the star-studded event.