Georgia Cops Find Pot In Justin Bieber’s Escalade

Justin Bieber has no luck when it comes to cops and cars lately.

The singer’s bodyguard and driver were arrested Tuesday for stealing a photog’s camera, and as a bonus authorities found weed and drug paraphernalia in Biebs’ fancy ride.

Considering Bieber doesn’t discriminate when it comes to hot-boxing in any mode of transportation, including private jets, it’s safe to say SUVs aren’t off limits either.

But what does this mean for Biebs?

Luckily for the troubled teen idol, he’s getting off scot-free. (We know, life just isn’t fair.)

After arrests were made, police obtained a search warrant for the 19-year-old’s 2013 Cadillac Escalade and uncovered a small amount of marijuana and pipes, according to a Sandy Springs Police press release obtained by CB!

The car was impounded, but because the amount was inconsequential, it wasn’t enough to file drug charges.

Don’t worry non-Beliebers and petitioners, based on Bieber’s recent zoo visit, he’s not giving up smoking out anytime soon. So there’s still hope.

And he only has his overly-aggressive bodyguard to thank for his close call.

This is how it all started.

Bieber rented out the Sandy Springs Funhouse Arcade where a paparazzo allegedly got too close to the pop star, according to police. A warning from his bodyguard, 32-year old Hugo Hesny, led to a confrontation and as the photog tried to leave Hensy took his $10,000 camera, put it in the Escalade, and told driver Terrance Johnson to take Bieber and his crew back to his temporary Atlanta pad.

When cops pulled the Caddy over en route, they found the camera and charged Bieber’s employees/cronies with felony theft. Johnson was later released and won’t face criminal charges. Hensy, on the other hand, will be joining the Canadian crooner’s growing list of paid ruffians in legal hot water.

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