Here’s a Closer Look at Kim Kardashian’s Most Famous Asset

Kim Kardashian has been giving J.Lo a run for her money in the booty department for years.

In fact, you can’t talk about the reality star without mentioning her bum. The selfie pro’s derriere is actually so famous that it started a celebrity trend, the belfie, keeping Kim (and everyone else) obsessed with her cheeky side.

Whether it’s real, fake, big, small, too round, not round enough, in shape, or in need of a workout, Kim’s rump has kept us all in awe.

From the latest round of implant injection rumors to its very own $5K tailor, one thing’s for sure about this pampered posterior — the only thing this booty is gaining is celebrity status.

So in honor of KK’s larger than life butt, we’re looking back at her backside over the years and putting those butt-shamers to shame.

Click through the CB! gallery above to find out why North West’s mom has us looking south.