‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Rejoice! Bryan Cranston’s New Role is Basically Another Walter White

Bryan Cranston Looks Ahead
The 'Breaking Bad' star says he'd rather leave the show too early.
Calling all Breaking Bad fans! Still depressed over losing Walter White and your favorite television show of all time?  Stop those tears and start getting excited: Bryan Cranston’s going back to his W.W. roots and playing a very similar role in an upcoming film.

Holland, Michigan is a thriller centered on a woman (Naomi Watts) who suspects her husband is cheating on her and reacts by entering into an affair of her own… Only to find out her husband (Bryan Cranston) is living an entirely different secret.

Cranston will play a mild-mannered, suburban man living a normal lifeOr so his wife assumes. She ultimately finds out he has a hidden identity in the criminal world.  And though it’s no Breaking Bad, this could potentially be the next best thing.

The Director of the film Errol Morris took to Reddit to chat about the project, which also includes actor Édgar Ramírez, calling it a “dramatic feature” and asking followers to wish him well during filming.  He also told the Boston Globe it’s a “Hitchcock-like movie” and is set at a tulip festival–which apparently is a real thing that happens every year in Holland, Mich.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script (written by Andrew Sodroski) got a nod as the No. 1 unproduced screenplay of 2013.  So I have much hope that this could help fill at least a little bit of the void left in my heart after Breaking Bad’s last episode.

What do you think? Could anything EVER compare to Breaking Bad? Let me know in the comments below!