‘Dunkin Love,’ a ***Flawless Beyoncé Parody, and Other Funny Things

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Beyoncé‘s “Drunk in Love” is a great song, a ***flawless song, a song you wouldn’t have thought could get any better. Until now. Cue “Dunkin Love,” a parody that substitutes drunk lovemaking for love of Dunkin Donuts. Talk about ***flawless. And that’s not all I have for you this week! After the jump, check out horrifying celebrity “browstaches,” nursing home residents reenacting famous movie scenes, and a mind-blowing revelation about Rihanna.

Enjoy these terrifying celebrity browstaches! Is “enjoy” the right word? I doubt it.

This guy’s impressions of celebrity Academy Awards presenters are all dead on.

Via our friends at The Frisky, enjoy these images of nursing home residents recreating famous movie scenes:

What happens when you needlessly censor Finding Nemo? Well, the movie becomes absolutely filthy.

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Well, how about this: Science* has revealed that Prince is actually just Rihanna with a mustache.


*Not science. Twitter was the word I was looking for.