Jeremy Renner Flashes His Cute Smile for the Paparazzi

Jeremy Renner Facts
8 things to know about the two-time Oscar nominee.
Well hello, Mr. Jeremy Renner. Look at you out and about and sporting a smile.

The American Hustle star was spotted in West Hollywood today heading back to his car after a trip to the gym. Aww, how sweet, he even smiled for us. Jeremy, you are a gem. And you have amazing eyes, but we’ll get to that later. So, do you think he has any plans for the weekend? 

Oh wait, it’s the Oscars! Something tells me that he’ll be busy on Sunday. Sadly, Jeremy wasn’t nominated for his turn as a do-gooder mayor in American Hustle. I finally saw that movie last night and I could not stop staring at Jeremy’s eyes. Why does he cover them up with sunglasses? Unleash them for the world!

Check out all the photos of Jeremy being cute and smiling for the paparazzi in the gallery. Also, he’s essentially wearing man-capris. And I won’t lie, I’m kinda into it.