Juan Pablo Galavis Gets Denied Again

While he’s already been denied once this week (by Andi leaving on her own accord and calling him an a–hole during Tuesday’s episode of The Bachelor), today Juan Pablo Galavis is getting rejected AGAIN from what could have been a great opportunity to make a positive comeback in the media world.

A source tells E! News, though he had been a serious consideration for the show, the Venezuelan bachelor is “no longer wanted” on season 18 of Dancing with the Stars.

After facing serious backlash with his thoughts on a gay Bachelor and having two women already leave him on the show, a source at DWTS says, “He’s just too risky.  There’s too much negativity at this point.”

Now for those non-Bachelor viewers, Juan Pablo constantly brags about his dancing abilities and even took several contestants on dates that revolved entirely around getting their groove on.  Thus, this news probably comes as a huge heart break to poor JPG.  It could have been his time to shine.

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