Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Lied to the Cops

Justin Bieber’s sure got a group of good influences in his life to keep him grounded.

Especially the hired hands who lie to the cops.

When Biebs’ bodyguard, Hugo Hensy, got cuffed by Georgia police Tuesday for allegedly stealing a paparazzo’s $10,000 camera, he originally told authorities he never took it, leading police to go on a wild goose chase to solve the mystery of the disappearing equipment.

Because it’s always smart to mislead the guys who can throw you in jail.

According to the incident report obtained by CB!, photographer Jason Winslow told Sandy Springs police Hesny cut him off with his car in the parking lot of the Funhouse Arcade just outside Atlanta, got out of his SUV, opened the door of Winslow’s car, and took the camera.

Hensy admitted to “chasing down” the pap in his Escalade, one of three SUVs in Bieber’s motorcade, and opening the door to get the camera, but didn’t take anything. He said there was only one camera that Winslow was using to capture his crime on video.

But instead of offering any information that cops could use because Bieber’s thug apparently came down with a case of temporary amnesia, cops tracked down another Escalade that left the scene — and surprise, surprise, found the camera in question.

It was only after the singer’s bodyguard was caught in the lie that he confessed to taking the camera. But in his defense, Hesny said he was never going to keep it, he just wanted to delete the photos.


But because he does have a conscience he told police that the driver, Terrance Johnson, had no idea he put the stolen equipment in the back of the car when he was asked to drive off.

What a nice guy.

Police also found $20 worth of marijuana, 5 glass bongs and a bong case in the car.

Pot, police, and playing at the arcade — Biebs had an eventful day.

Read the police docs in the CB! gallery above.

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