Justin Bieber’s Rolling Stone Cover Story: It’s the “Fall of a Pop Icon”

JB's Troubled Timeline
Justin Bieber's most controversial moments.
Justin Bieber is about to get his star taken down a few pegs thanks to an upcoming unflattering profile from Rolling Stone.

Boasting that their latest issue — out on newsstands Friday — will uncover “events that would make the singer’s core Beliebers lose their faith,” the music magazine is finally ready to publish dirt on the troubled singer. In a preview of the full cover story, the publication says it investigates the “the egg-throwing, hard-partying, drag-racing, arrest-resisting, brother-patronizing, lightning-quick fall of a pop icon,” including the “All That Matters” crooner’s $75,000 visit to a strip club and a tearful breakdown in front of manager Scooter Braun.

According to the report, Bieber’s camp places much blame on the singer’s father, Jeremy, for his wild antics.

“His father’s not a great influence,” a source says, adding that Jeremy was partying up at the strip club with JB just days before the singer’s infamous DUI arrest in Miami. “They’re almost not like father and son — it’s more like two best friends.”

The profile also follows three of Bieber’s mentors — his mother Pattie Mallette, singer Usher, and Braun — to Panama following Bieber’s drag-racing bust to ship out JB’s gal pal, Chantel Jeffries, and seriously talk to the 19-year-old about his recent behavior. A source close to Bieber tells the publication that it was not an intervention, but “a conversation, reminding him of the people who care about him, and to consider things to do about it.”

Despite the talk, the Canadian singer is still getting himself into trouble these days. Just this week, Bieber’s car was confiscated by the police after authorities found small amounts of marijuana inside.