Lea Michele’s New Song for Cory Monteith Will Probably Make You Cry

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While Lea Michele’s album Louder hasn’t quite lived up to the hype, her latest song, “‘If You Say So,” from the album, which is about boyfriend Cory Monteith who died from a drug overdose in a Vancouver hotel last summer is pretty good, though.

According to MTV , Lea said about the song, “it’s a very personal and it’s a very intense song for me.” Listen to the song below.

The songs starts “it’s been seven whole days, seven whole days since you paralyzed me/seven whole days, seven whole days since you lost your fight.”

Needless to say, the song is very, very, very sad.

Michele been criticized for putting a song about such a delicate subject on her album; some say it’s sort of a tactless grab for album sales.

My thoughts on this are that everyone heals in different ways, and if singing through your pain is one of them, I say go for it.