Melissa Joan Hart Reveals 40-Pound Weight Loss, Is Okay With Her Kids Being Photographed

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As her Melissa & Joeyco-star Joey Lawrence would say, Whoah! Melissa Joan Hart reveals her impressive 40-pound weight loss in behind the scenes look at her new commercial for weight loss program Nutrisytem.

The 37-year old Sabrina, the Teenage Witch actress admits she gained 60 pounds during her third pregnancy, but says she didn’t put as much pressure on herself to lose the weight this time, “For me, it was important to bond with my child, as opposed to ‘lose the weight.’ So I waited until I was ready, and I knew I had the time, and then I made it a priority that I would eat well.”

Hart, who has three sons with her husband Mark Wilkersonalso divulges her view on “protecting” her children from the paparazzi. Watch the video above to see Melissa’s amazing post-baby body and hear what she has to say about the controversial topic of celebrity kids being photographed.