5 Reasons I'm Confused About Ariana Grande and Chris Brown's Collaboration

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Late last night Chris Brown revealed a surprise I don't think anyone really saw coming...

The "With You" singer shared a photo on his Instagram, dancing shirtless with none other than Ariana Grande and captioned it "Coming soon!"

Though we know Brown is still involved with Karrueche Tran, he appears to be enjoying every second of the moment, holding tightly to Ariana's leg as they gaze intently into each others' eyes... And it kind of grosses me out, to be honest.

How can such a sweet, innocent girl find herself wrapped around a man who continues to prove he's, well, a huge f*cking douche?

While the two might look comfortable together in this photo, the collaboration is no doubt a strange decision.

Here's where my confusion lies:

  1. Chris Brown is still in a huge legal mess and has himself a lot of haters after all of his crazy outburst. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande is just now launching into her music career.  Why collaborate with someone who's so disliked at the very beginning?
  2. Ariana Grande is known for her squeaky-clean image and more conservative approach to her career, which has gained her respect in the industry as well as from her followers.  On the other hand, Chris Brown leads a horrific reputation with a fading fan base and even less of an appeal in the music world.
  3. Speaking of, Grande's fan base is mostly teenage girls and younger who are highly influenced by their famous mentors... Seems like her collaboration with a woman-beater criminal doesn't send the best message to her followers, right?
  4. I understand working with someone who's as well-liked as Ariana Grande might add a hint of positivity to Chris Brown's dwindling career, but what's in it for Ariana? There are tons of great, R&B singers who can dance (Um. Hi: Usher, Trey Songz, Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars) that would have been a great choice for both parties involved.
  5. What the HELL was her publicist possibly thinking?
Let's just hope this doesn't totally screw over Ariana's career... She's one of the few actually talented singers out there right now.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ariana Grande should be working with Chris Brown? Let me know in the comments below.



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  • Andreea Stefan
    Andreea Stefan

    I think the author of this article is being way too subjective. Million of people around the world are making mistakes even more serious that Brown did. And you're still not forgetting that time of his life? The main victim in this case, Rihanna could forgive him and let go of this subject and you people can not? This is your only way to get publicity and ratings. It's sad how society and media is based on this bull****.

  • Kim Lewis
    Kim Lewis

    @Hamad Alsoror Ariana is far from ghetto, and her working with people like Mac Miller & Chris Brown don't prove anything. Lots of singers work with Rappers & R&B Artists. Her upbringing was probably better than yours, both her parents were very successful businesses. You should do a little fact-checking before you judge!

  • Kim Lewis
    Kim Lewis

    And its not up to a Publicist to make those kinds of choices! Ariana is old enough to make her own choices, as to who she will or won't work with!

  • Kim Lewis
    Kim Lewis

    Amber Jackson is right, the music that their working on has nothing to do with his personal problems. It only becomes a problem when people try to put the two together. They may not care for him as a person, but they can't deny his talent, so why should she! Maybe she feels that its not her place to pass judgement. That would fit her personality, and explain how its possible for her to work with him.

  • itsfroyo

    Be open minded. Chris Brown's personal life has nothing to do with his music career. Both Chris and Ariana are respected in the music industry for their genuine talent, hence why they are collaborating. Chris is an amazing R&B artist and dancer if not better than the artists you've mentioned, so it makes sense that he would be paired with another amazing artist such as Ariana. I just really do not understand why this duet is such an issue for you. Your biased opinions are not appreciated, especially since they aren't polite or reasonable.

  • Amber Jackson
    Amber Jackson

    Wow really just shut up and enjoy the music jeez why add all that extra??!!

  • Cassy Justin
    Cassy Justin

    how does ariana and chris colaborating have anything to do with there personal lifes... And btw f*ck you (who ever owns this blog)

  • Hamad Alsoror
    Hamad Alsoror

    Him after Mac Miller, we now can prove she was the pretty girl from the ghetto who always had a crush on douches to give her protection

  • gabbibabii

    And 4knowledge, y r u so amped over alana's comment, ur tlkn abt her crying u sound like she's insulting u, r u the blogger n question, lol!! U need to calm down gangsta ;-)

  • gabbibabii

    Ths article sux, whoever wrote ths is obvi very biased, n ur feelings sound hurt,it's kind of funny. Chris is very talented n regardless of his personal life his music is amazing so on tht note i cnt wait to hear ths song I knw its gna b great!! I luv Ariana's cd n her music n general, Chris's too so YAY!!

  • Jovee Eevoj
    Jovee Eevoj

    This Article is stupid. Chris brown is a very good music artist. how he lives his life is irrelevant to what talent he has. What a closeminded blog. I expected more from you.

  • 4knowledge

    Alana Anthony. You are dumb as fuck though... The author is not disgusting. Wah wah wah mistakes wah wah wah he's a grown ass man, just saying sweetheart. Get it together. He's a talented, troubled man nonethless, but stop fucking crying. It's not like he will ever love your stupid ass or anything so stop with your delusions k?

  • Alana Anthony
    Alana Anthony

    you are obviously one of the very few people in the world who has never made a mistake or gone through a rough stage in life. You are disgusting. Chris Brown has a huge following young and old and also invests a lot in charities. His music is amazing - which you forgot to mention. Have you even noticed the amount of people who are working with him at the moment?? He is one of the most sought after artists in the business right now because of his talent.... here is my 5 reasons for not liking you: 1. Ignorance to the fact that people make mistakes 2: Ignorance to the fact that people can change but attitude from the likes of you hinder that 3: Ignorance to the fact that Chris Brown is more talented that you will ever be... who are you? 4: Rude... Do you know him personally to make such a judgemental statement? 5: Jealously??? #luvbreezy

  • Roderick Thomas
    Roderick Thomas

    Whoever wrote this is clueless. Chris Brown is still one of the best r&b singer out right now. This is a great move for Ariana. This is obviously written by a butthurt writer who is jealous of someone's success.

  • Chee Chee Jones
    Chee Chee Jones

    You have a very rude way of writing your blogs. You have a lot of things misconstrued about Chris Brown and whether you approve of him or not, he is STILL a great artist. His music proves it. Ariane apparently is working with him because of his TALENT which you didnt even touch base on. One sided 'bloggers' annoy me and I will be unfollowing you. THANKS

  • Gabo Toura
    Gabo Toura

    Your ignorance's disturbing - 1st of all Trey Songz has recently collaborated with Chris & Usher let it be known he's working with CB in the studios.