George Lopez Was Arrested for Public Intoxication and Some Guy Took a Pic of Him Passed Out

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Hopefully, George Lopez will learn how to handle his liquor a little better after being arrested for public intoxication at a casino in Canada Thursday.

Apparently, the drunken stupor caused such a scene, an eyewitness snapped a photo of the comedian looking like he’s passed out (with his belly hanging out) on the floor of Caesars Windsor Casino in Ontario.

And CB! has the pic.

Amateur shutterbug Chad Maura posted the pic online, even claiming Lopez was taken to the hospital: “George Lopez passed out on the casino floor last night. And he was sent to the hospital! No joke…. Just adds on to the perfect night!” he wrote.

Photo: Chad Maura

Maura told Celebuzz he was with a group of friends for his 20th birthday celebration at the casino when they saw Lopez hit the floor apparently after one too many.

“He was upstairs and his bodyguards were blocking him off,” he said. “He was wasted! I saw him stumbling to the floor. He didn’t any saying, it looked like he just passed out.

“It was a great birthday,” he added. “I won money and got to see George Lopez pass out.”

Although he did not witness Lopez escorted by ambulance, Maura said he heard from other casino patrons that in order to sober up he was transported to the hospital.

When Celebuzz reached out to the actor’s rep for comment, the TV star had this to say: “Tied one on last night. Not feeling great this morning. I was trying to sleep it off, unfortunately, it was on the casino floor.”

Well, besides his pride, at least he hasn’t lost a sense of humor.