WATCH: Robin Thicke Dedicates Song to Paula Patton Following Split

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Robin Thicke is really trying to get his girl back.

The 36-year old "Blurred Lines" singer returned to the stage last night for his first concert following the news of he and Paula Patton's separation, and he opened up to the audience before dedicating his song "Lost Without U" to his estranged wife.

Thicke, whose split was announced Monday in a statement to People, got a little emotional as he told the Fairfax, Virginia crowd, "For those of you that don't know, my wife and I got separated a few days ago, but I want you, everybody here to know that I'm tryin' to get my girl back."

He also said, "She's a good woman." Watch the video above to see Robin's dedication, and enjoy the commentary from the fans who recorded it.




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  • Nancy Mcguinness
    Nancy Mcguinness

    It's too bad only because of their child but the man knew better and probly been screwing other women a long time.No great loss for her now step aside loser so she can find someone that is going to treat her right!!!