You’ll Never Guess Which Random Celebs Miley Cyrus Is “Obsessed” With Now

Miley Cyrus’s inspirations in music and fashion are quite an eclectic bunch.

From country’s “Barbie Doll” Dolly Parton to rocker Joan Jett and glam gangsta rapper Lil Kim and her generation’s Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, there’s a couple more random celebs to add to the list.

Make room for Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.

“My favorite movie that I’ve been watching right now is Days of Thunder,” the 21-year-old told Ronan Farrow on MSNBC of the 1990 hit flick. “I watched it three nights in a row!”

And for the girl who chopped off all her hair and shows plenty of skin, it’s Kidman’s — and Cruise’s! — dated film fashion that she wants to bring back.

“I want to be Nicole Kidman so bad, slash I’m kind of obsessed and kind of want to — I don’t know if I want to be Nicole Kidman or if I want to be Tom Cruise, because his outfits are better,” she laughed.

“But her hair and she’s so everything in that movie. But his outfits are so… Every day I want to wear like a white buttoned-up shirt because every single day, ever since I watched Days of Thunder, that’s when I got obsessed with button-ups.”

So does this mean we’ll soon see a more modest Miley? Somehow we doubt that, even though she’s been criticized as of late for her overly-sexualized Bangerz tour, and for not only exploiting her body, but her back-up dancers too.

Take, for example, Hollis Jane, who as a little person, said she felt “less than human” when she got on stage as one of Miley’s twerk-happy teddy bears during her now-infamous VMA performance.

“It’s really funny how serious people take it. And they’re like, you’re racist. And I’m like, ‘Really?’,” she told Farrow. “We’re like a bunch of kids dancing around in, like, bears, but we don’t do choreography. They’re just like dancing, doing these cute moves and they’re awesome dancers like just on their own. It’s not me telling them how to be.”

Watch Miley’s interview on MSNBC in the video above.