Watch the First Two Minutes of the ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Right Now

The first two minutes from the hotly anticipated Veronica Mars movie have made their way online and fans of the mystery series will not be disappointed.

“The new me? People say I’m a marshmallow.”

And with that, Veronica Mars, aka Kristen Bell, has introduced her big screen adaptation to the world and paid lip service to the fans who got her there.

Although the footage isn’t new or exciting, it does a pretty good job of recapping the series for anyone who may not have caught it when it was on the air.

That last line though is an obvious homage to die hard fans of the show, who also happen to call themselves Marshmallows, many of whom spent their hard earned cash on the Kickstarter campaign that funded the movie.

Starring Bell, Jason Dohring, Tina Majorino, and Chris LowellVeronica Mars hits theaters on March 14th.