2014 Oscar Nominees in Their Earliest Roles

This year’s Oscar nominees include some of Hollywood’s most recognizable names. Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Adams, and Bradley Cooper, are all gifted actors, being acknowledged for their stand out performances.

As with any skill, practice makes perfect and the skills and abilities of the Oscar 2014 nominees definitely didn’t develop overnight.

Leonardo DiCaprio, nominated for his role in Wolf Of Wall Street, caught the acting bug when he was just a kid. After sporadic guest starring roles during the 1990’s on shows like The New Lassie and Growing Pains, young Leo landed the lead in a popular ‘Bubble Yum’ bubblegum commercial.

Sandra Bullock’s role in Gravity shocked audiences who have followed the actress’s comedic career. But, it turns out, Sandy’s first film role was in the 1987 drama, Hangmen: