WATCH: Amy Adams Describes Kissing Jennifer Lawrence’s “Very Full Lips” (It’s Not Quite What You Think)

Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence had an unforgettable “I Kissed a Girl” moment in American Hustle.

But to the shock and dismay of every red-blooded American guy (and some girls) out there, she didn’t like it.

Let’s just say, things got a little messy.

“Jennifer has very full lips and they were coated with a very bright, bright raspberry red lip gloss and it ended up surrounding my mouth instead of on my mouth,” explained Best Actress nominee Adams, who wore Gucci and Tiffany & Co. jewels on Oscar night.

“I looked like a clown,” she added to E! News’ host Ryan Seacrest.

To find out how many takes it took the ladies to get the girl-on-girl action just right, watch the video above.

And to see the kiss in full effect, watch the scene below.