Which of This Year’s Academy Award Nominees Have Taken Home Oscar Before?

2014 Oscar Noms
See who was nominated for an Academy Award.
The Oscars: A day of celebrating the year’s best achievements in the film industry.

It is the dream of every actor, director, producer, and the like, to attend the Academy’s most distinguished night of celebration. Some ambitious few may even entertain the idea of being nominated, or in momentary bursts of heightened euphoria, imagine winning an Oscar themselves!

It is only on very rare occasion that an artist is fortunate enough to not only be nominated, but actually win, an Academy Award. The list of such profound talent is led by none other than Meryl L. Streep, who holds a record 18 Academy Award nominations, three of which resulted in winning an Oscar. This year’s 2014 Oscars are riddled with nominees who have already experience the joy that accompanies winning an Oscar. Wonder if any of your favorite faces of film make list of past Oscar winners? Check out the gallery.