Will Mila and Ashton or Mary-Kate and Olivier Have Lasting Love? Joan Rivers Has the Answer

Getting cake in her face courtesy of Miss Piggy didn’t keep Joan Rivers quiet for long.

The outspoken comedienne still has LOTS to say, especially when it comes to the young, in love, and engaged in Hollywood.

So, watch out, Mary-Kate and Olivier and Mila and Ashton.

Oh, and she threw Justin Bieber in there for good measure.

“How smart is that little munchkin?!” Rivers told Celebuzz at QVC’s 5th Annual Red Carpet Style party Feb. 28 in Los Angeles.

Rivers is, of course, talking about 27-year-old The Row designer’s reported engagement to her boyfriend of nearly two years, French banker Olivier Sarkozy, 44, who happens to be the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

When they’re not having awkward makeout sessions courtside, the odd couple is buying $6.25 million NYC townhouses together.

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“She’s learned to go ‘oui, oui, oui!,’ absolutely,” Rivers quipped.

After two years of dating bliss, Ashton Kutcher has finally put a ring on Mila Kunis’ finger, and boy, is it a big bauble.

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“I hope it’ll last for a long time, which in this town is 36 months,” Rivers said with her trademark dry sense of humor. “You always hope it lasts.”

For one person close to Rivers’ heart, Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne, unfortunately, it didn’t last. But Rivers said a walk down the aisle would have been a mistake for the 29-year-old former reality star.

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“I adore Kelly. I’ve watched her change and grow on our show,” she said. “Oh, I’m so glad because she’s young and her career is moving and she shoudn’t be married yet.”

Osbourne split from her fiancé Matthew Mosshart in January after two years together, but they remain “really good friends.”

“I met him, he’s perfectly lovely,” added Rivers. “She’s adorable, but her career is just starting.

“Don’t you worry, she looks great now, she’s going to do just fine.”

Osbourne may not need any advice, but when it comes to bad boy Biebs, now, that’s a different story.

“How about advice for Justin Bieber’s parents? You fools. You have a son, where are you? And why aren’t you giving him the right advice? Why didn’t you give him the right advice?” Rivers added.

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“He could have become a Michael J. Fox, who was also a child star. Whoever let him loose were fools. He is absolutely going in the wrong direction. You know what? 15 minutes of fame, he’s got four and a half minutes left.”

Watch Miss Piggy and Joan Rivers’ cake fight in the video below.