A Beginner’s Guide To Being A ‘Total Diva’

Come on. Admit it. You totally have an inner total diva. We all do.

For some, it’s a penchant for glittery costumes. For others, it’s an impulse to dye their hair bright red. And if you have the hots for wrestlers or an ability to step down, you’re at least partially a diva.

But if you want to go full-blown “total diva” like our favorite lady wrestlers on E!, there are a number of principles you just have to follow. In honor of a brand-new season of Total Divas, returning Mar. 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, we are helping you reach the ultimate WWE Divas status with these simple steps:

1. Get Some Muscle, Lady! Seriously, you can’t be weak and scrawny if you’re going to take some b*tch down in the ring. Pick up some weights. Maybe throw a chair or something. Anything to get those biceps bulging.

2. Learn To Wear Heels. If you can strut or even run in them, then you’ve nailed the whole WWE Diva thing.

3. Invest In Costumes. And by costumes, we mean skimpy, glittery outfits that could blind someone … by how friggin’ fabulous you look. Duh.

4. Be Loud And Proud. This one’s important. If you’re not confident, get confident. Love yourself. Then bring it!

5. And Fierce. Just stand your ground at all times, no matter what. It’s really not difficult.

6. Grow Your Hair. Long. There’s something so sexy about a woman with long, flowing hair. The Divas have mastered this, and so should you. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you don’t, get hair extensions?

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