Ian Somerhalder and Norman Reedus Get Their Mardi Gras Party On

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It sure looks like Ian Somerhalder and Norman Reedus had a blast yesterday (March 01, 2014) as they lead the parade on the Krewe Of Endymion during Mardi Gras 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ian, star of The Vampire Diaries, and blew kisses as well as throwing out beads to fans. Getting his vampire on, he was also seen biting and licking the beads before throwing them to young girls in the crowd.

Ian really got into the swing of things and picked up a trombone and tried to join in with the band and at one point also gave assistance to the drummer.

Ian could be seen with a large tear in this suit pants, and at one point sported a feather boa. His mother and sister was also spotted watching him from the sidelines of the parade.

While, The Walking Dead star Reedus, also tossed beads to fans and even showed off his muscles when the heat got too much for him.

When the day was over, he changed into something a little less casual and wound down with a nice cold bottle of beer.

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