Taylor Swift Ran Into Harry Styles at Oscar Party

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Harry Talks Kendall
Harry Styles opens up about his date with Kendall Jenner.
Taylor Swift took to Instagram today to post a photo of what looked to be an awesome Oscar weekend with her close pals. However, she made no mention of one, awkward little run-in she encountered on Saturday night: ex-boyfriend Harry Styles.

T. Swift attended several parties over the weekend. The first being the Weinstein party at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday night where she mingled with other A-lister guests… Including her ex-beau.

Although we all secretly hoped to find out there was a little bit of drama (or better yet, a rekindled flame), Swift and Styles kept things cordial and platonic, a source told E! News.

“They’ve stayed in touch and were speaking for a while [at the party].  People think they don’t talk, but they’re friends and on good terms.”

As for rumors about the One Direction singer and Kendall Jenner… Apparently, he’s still single.

“He wants a serious girlfriend, but just can’t find anyone he feels he can deal with the life he leads right now.”

Taylor has also been enjoying some alone time.  Though rumors constantly fly she’s involved with longtime friend Ed Sheeran, the two have never actually dated.

In the photo she shared today, the “Everything has Changed” singers look like good buddies alongside Jaime King and Murray Cummings.

So for those of you who believe guys and gals can’t just be friends… I think Swift proves you wrong!